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Power Petrol is the biggest supplier of Istobal for car wash in the region. Power petrol has installed many Istobla car washes in petrol stations (Muzhda petrol station, Kokar Petrol Station, Halgurd Oil Station, Qaiwan Oil Station, Charmaga station, Derin Petrol station, Tslwja petrol station, Shwan petrol station, Mina oil station, Mirko petrol station, etc…)

Installed on 2013 

Technical features:

  • New image with LED screens for better communication with users.
  • Control of all machine motors via frequency converters.
  • Prepared for new and attractive optional extras, such as the dual tilt of vertical brushes and the foam curtain.
  • Link-it brushes.
  • Chemical products esens®.
  • Improved fluids distribution with a common water collector at the inlet and outlet of the modules.
  • Complete dryer consisting of two side 3kW (4 HP) nozzles and one 2x4kW (2×5,36 HP) horizontal scanning nozzle.
  • Wash heights: 2,300 mm [7’ – 6 1/2”], 2,500 mm [8’ – 2 3/8”] and 2,700 mm [8’ – 10 1/4”].
  • Wash widths: 2,500 mm [8’ – 2 3/8”] and 2,700 mm [8’ – 10 1/4”].



Automatic Car Wash Machine (3 BRUSH)



W3000 Automatic Car Wash Machine washes vehicles with max heights between 3.m and max width between 2.20 m. It can perform shampoo + washing.
There is a counter on the panel which counts the number of vehicles that have been washed. The metal structure made of first grade steel sheets is hot dip galvanized,
phosphate coated and baked after electrostatic powder painted. The operations of the machine are programmed on the inboard PLC computer.
All the brush pressure on the vehicle is controlled sensitive power control relays.
The gantry drive motors work with inverter system, so the start and stop of machine is very soft. And so, this increases the motor and the gear reducer life.
At the front and the back of the vehicle, the gantry moves back if there is an overload from the set power level on the brush drive motors to
allow the brushes to open to wash the sides of the vehicle which reduces brush pressure on the vehicle.
POWER PETROL Automatic Car Wash Machine is a machine with trolley-mounted vertical brushes with motor-chain move ment system. Both vertical and horizontal brush pressures on vehicles are power controlled. All the profiles of the vehicles can be washed perfectly and safely.


– Swing System Vertical Brushes
– Decorative Polyester Cladding ( front and back )
– Decorative Water Splash Guards
– Soft Start for Brushes (each)
– Inverter controlled Gantry Drive Motor
– Power-controlled Horizontal Brush
– Wheel Guide
– Rails (10 mt)
– Emergency Stop Button
– Manuel frost Protection
– Connection Post for Cables and Hoses
– Chemical Dosing pump
– Power-controlled Brushes
– Trolley Mounted Motor-Chain movement Vertical Brushes.

Max. Machine Width cm. 365
Max. Machine Height cm. 400
Max. Washing Height cm. 300
Max. Washing Width cm. 220
Rail Gauge cm. 300
Rail Length mt. 10
Power Installed kW. 3
Voltage / Frequency V 380/ Hz50
Operation Times / Vehicle dk / vehicle 2- 2,5
Water Pressure bar 3,5
Water Reguirement lt / dk 60-80
Air Pressure bar 6
Air Requirement lt / dk 56
Electrical Requirement kWh / vehicle 0,15
Shampoo Reguirement gr / vehicle 10-20
Brush Unit Vertical / Horizontal 2+1

Car wash in Iraq