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FUEL DISPENSER ORG75 with automation
4 x Product ( Submersible type)
4 x Inlet filter GLQ-1 with inlet
8 x Tatsuno type Flow meter, FM4 (4F) with pulser stand
8 x OPW type nozzle 11A, 3/4″ BSP, outlet: 6 x 1/2″,2 x 3/4″
8 x Rubber hose, black color, length:4 M with coupling
8 x Solenoid valve MSF 20
8 x Breakaway valve, 3/4 inch
8 x Hose swivel and 2 x E-stop at the side
4 x Electronic controller LT-L121,with RS485 protocol tatsuno type(Tatsuno)
4 x Preset keyboard , white color
4 x Display board seperated type Best painting for other body,warranty to 5 years(RAL 7040 color)
Power supply: 220V, 60hz
Package: Standare Export caton Dimension:LxWxH 2070*720*2300