our Staff are highly Trained and highly professional in the Field of petrol Station Establishment. With a Long History dating back to 12 years of professional work. Our staff have worked in this field and have established many petrol stations in Many countries Mostly  in Iraq and Turkey. We offer the highest standards material and equipment to what suits the customers desires and wants.

our services can be summarized into:

  1. Site Strategy and planning.
  2.  Construction design.
  3. Tank placement, installation and pipeworks.
  4. Facility Renovation.
  5. Project planning and budgeting.
  6. Electricity Planning and electricity board design and building
  7. Service Pits design and construction.
  8. Fuel pump, dispenser grounding
  9. Supply of fuel pumps and dispensers
  10. Exterior cladding

To sum up we can offer petrol stations construction from A-Z.

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