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Our support team provides assistance and support to customers on any questions which may arise with products. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We strive to provide you the most competent and friendly customer support to help you with any enquires you may have.

Our technical services team is available to provide you with the support you need to keep your Power Petrol products running smoothly with maximum uptime. Technical questions are answered expert managers, who have years of experience in petrol stations.

Our support services include:

  • Direct phone contact with technical services during business hours and an after-hours emergency number.
  • Step step guidance to get you up and running quickly.
  • Troubleshooting technical challenges with you and providing resources to correct issues.
  • If a challenge perseveres we will visit your site to ensure your dispenser is running accurately and reliably.
  • Power Petrol warranty policy ensures you get replacement parts as quickly as possible.

Power Petrol provides for aspects of the creation, planning and execution of a construction project in whatever form of project you envision. Our talented team is capable of working in a variety of project approaches, and we strive to develop long-standing relationships and partnerships with our clients. Power Petrol provides a complete cycle of works and services on designing of petrol stations. Our petrol station designs are practical, multifunctional, and original and are ready to satisfy the needs of the most exacting customer. The heart of every fuel station and convenience store is the safe storage of fuel inside the underground fuel tanks. Power Petrol professionally installs fuel station fuel tanks due to each of these underground tanks hold thousands of gallons of gasoline, talented expert are required to correctly install these tanks. Power Petrol has professional fuel tank installation crews that can install all sizes of tanks in all types of climates and environments. Our employees are highly-skilled and highly-experienced.  Our consulting department provides consulting services:

  • Site Strategy and planning.
  • Tank location, installation and piping.
  • Facility renovation.
  • New construction design.
  • Project planning and budgeting.

If you have a question regarding your dispenser and your fuel station, please speak to a Service Technicians directly, or contact us 

Service Technicians Numbers:

+964 770 773 83 93

+964 750 133 5009

+964 750 133 5006