Revealing the hidden truth

The 3D Laser Scan Automatic Tank Calibration is our most advanced tank calibration service. This solution uses state-of-the-art technology to accurately determine the exact volume of liquid in fuel tanks, producing a detailed representation of the inside of any underground tank, regardless of the presence of any flammable liquids or vapors. The 3D laser scanner is then able to automatically provide a precise strapping table, which once uploaded to the automatic tank gauge (“ATG”), provides an accurate and comprehensive reconciliation report of the fuel stock on site.

Automatic strapping table creation

Accurate strapping charts provide you with better fuel readings, so that you are aware of any fuel movements, including that of loss. A precise strapping table is therefore a vital tool for ensuring that you have an accurate understanding of your inventory.

High-speed scanning

The sophisticated equipment is able to perform high-speed scanning of the inside of any fuel tank, taking as little as 45 minutes to complete – much faster than conventional methods, which may take weeks or even months. The device is also easy to manage and set up, making the process even quicker.

No need to de-gas the tank

The 3D Laser Scan Automatic Tank Calibration device is safe to use, even when there is flammable gas present, making the calibration much simpler and giving peace of mind to the user that their forecourt is protected.