Pump Management System

The Pump Management System instantaneously registers vehicle based fuel sales on online and offline platforms and provides detailed data analysis to the user. In the system, solutions related to fuel sales, fuel tank input/output tracking, real-time fuel tank monitoring, customer account card, inventory, shift reporting, the vehicle identification system and loyalty system tracking, fuel type and price changes, as well as all data and necessary reporting, are provided with an hour/date range option.

Customers can also watch from their market display, information regarding the pump numbers of the vehicle-based (plate number) fuel they bought, fuel type, amount (Liter), pumps and pump providers.  

The Pump Management System can work in multiple (unlimited) locations at the same time and transfers data online to the Central Fuel Management System.

The Pump Management system provides seamless communication with all pump and Management system modules such as probes, card readers, payment recorder devices, printers and vehicle identification systems used domestically and abroad.

The system works in tandem with the Tank Management System, Truck Management System, Vehicle Identification System (VIS), Customer Loyalty System and as their data is integrated, the users can manage and control information from system panels.

All data such as sales and inventory information in the system is transferred to the Back Office or to other accounting software.

Software and Hardware Features

Offline and Online Capabilities

PC or Industrial Based Management Option

Unlimited vehicle delivery management

Customer Identification (Loyalty System)

Integration to ERP Systems

Detailed reporting

Defective Sale / Repeated Sale distinction

Fuel Stock Management

Tank Management Systems

Pump fuel sales, tank fuel input/output contro

The software records the sales data from the fuel pump at the stations.
It records and reports data ranging from shift tracking, the seller, date, time, plate, fuel type, and the litre amount which pertain to the fuel that has been dispensed from each fuel pump.

If the Vehicle Identification System (VIS) or Customer Identification System is used at the station, the system identifies the fuel receiving vehicle and prevents faulty fuel output. The system works online and offline. The system instantly sends data to the Center Fuel Management System.

Pump Sales Screens are monitored online from the Central Fuel Management System.