TOKICO is a trusted and accomplished brand withover 80 years of development experience 80%
TOKICO has spent decades building trust and achieving results in the Japanese market 75%
TOKICO's products have been used in a variety of areas in energy infrastructure from upstream to downstream in measurement, circulation and regulation. 100%


High accuracy

Accuracy is within ±0.5% Fluid is directly measured gear or roots, enabling accurate measuring

Excellent durability

Simple structure enables long term durability with virtually no degradation of accuracy.


Low pressure loss

Compact design

The flowmeter is compactly designed, yet the indicator is easy to read.


Small and light weight


Stable instrumental error


Positive displacement flow meter

Connection Size 25mm (1B) – 100mm (4B)
Applicable fluids Petroleum, etc.
Precision Accuracy ±0.5%RD or ±0.2%RD
Measurement range 0.01 – 160㎥/h
Fluid viscosity Max150,000mPa/s
Fluid temperature -5°C to 150°C
Maximum operating pressure 2.5MPa
Material Body – FC250, FCD400, SCPH2
Rotor: FC200, AC7A or ADC, PPS resin
Piping installation Horizontal or vertical pipes


Since the original Tokico company was founded in 1937, the brand has spent over half a century building a solid foundation in the technology needed to measure and regulate the flow of all kinds of fluids, from fuels like gasoline, diesel oil and kerosene to liquids like chemicals and ultrapure water to various kinds of gases.

Overview & Key features

Roots flow meters for general use are positive displacement flow meters that measure flow directly using two roots as rotors.
Since the opposing roots rotate without contact, there is virtually no change in accuracy over time, making the flow meter capable of high- Accuracy measurement across a broad range of flow rates.