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The ACROBAT 2X brushless automatic vehicle demolition system is a new generation system that operates from the top with the car and plant constant wash bridge. The system is designed as a brushless (non contact) vehicle washing machine. It has been designed with the most technological equipment to achieve the highest efficiency in brushless car wash quality. 

Fast and economical. 
The operation of the machine within the automation is provided PLC computer control. Easy to use, low operating and maintenance costs. Thanks to the design and technology of the construction structure, it is also installed in the narrowest areas. Accessories can be added to the system to apply different washing procedures. 

It has different washing programs according to processing characteristics. (The processing times are between 2.5 min and 6 min min.) All vehicles (passenger, van, jeep, minibus etc.) up to 2.20 cm high and 2.20 cm wide can be washed and dried with optional washing options. Thanks to the system technology, it has the ability to move six axes. 
The moving wash arms, the foam laying system and the high pressure wash system are 3D (three dimensional). According to the profile of the washing vehicle, all the systems are automatically changed direction and surface detection, so the front, rear, side surfaces and top roof parts of the vehicles are washed high. 

All motions connected to the system are provided with inverter (speed-frequency adjuster) control units with different speed options. All metal parts are protected against corrosion and corrosion hot dip galvanizing method, galvanized surfaces are coated with electrostatic paint.