power series


Is the type with highest design, quality, durability and reliability that contains the effort of entire JAPAN ENERJUMP staffs sufficiently.


With the upgradation of all hanging hardware, including nozzle, breakaway, hose and swivel, all actions of refueling can be done easily.

Stylish Counter Area

Counter Area is assembled with Fiber Glass dispaly panel that is designed with humanization and fashion.

Enhanced Counter Display

The display with backlight LED is visible under any circumstances. Far more, the upgraded 8-digit readout can tackle with any currency in the world.    

Wide Range of Product Lineup

The lineup of Power Series meets various requirements of stations and customers. Choose the one that fits your needs.  

Components with High Performance

Japan Enerjump requests every components and assembly process strictly and ensure every components can do their best for customers. 

Main Specifications

Flow Rate

Suction Pump Type

Normal: 50L/min 

Hig: 70L/min

Ultra-high: 90L/min

Submersible Turbine Pump Type (STP)Type

Depends on the on-site- STP capacity




Internal silent gear pump with air separator

Suction strainer, flexible pipe

By-pass valve and Suction check value

Flow Meter

Adjustable Min. Volume≤0.07%
Flow Range5~90L/min
Repeatable Tolerance0.07%

No Detail No Success

POWER SERIES is assembled with the reliable and efficient components that add powerful benefit to your business.