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We can plan and build your site to meet your expectations effectively. Our services include:

  1. Site evaluation
  2. Site planning and zoning approval
  3. Gasoline dispensing layout and design
  4. Store design and layout
  5. Preparation of architectural plans
  6. Preparation of Engineered site plan
  7. Preparation of Mechanical and electrical plans
  8. Permitting 


The planning and approval process for each store is complex and varies from site to site. Zoning and/or planning commission approval requires planning, negotiating, and creativity. Our experience will help you with approvals that allow successful stores. As your construction manager we will help you with a cost effective design and we will show you all of the costs so you can make good decisions. We will manage the schedule to deliver a complete, quality facility that we promised.

As a general contractor we bring understanding and experience to your project. We can value engineer your plans to bring you the best quality for the best price. Our most important contribution to your project is no compromise on quality. Your store will be successful for years to come if it is built properly.

We Know Petroleum Installation

Power Petrol has been recognized as a reliable, quality, cost-efficient solution leading petroleum brands , and we’re partnered with many of the highest profile petroleum brands to prove it.

  • Safety program management – We have developed a strong safety program that has helped the gas station construction industry as a whole.  Our strong depth of experience has helped us build safety into the fabric and practice of every project.  From our team members to our customers to our job sites, safety is paramount at each step of any type of work.
  • Local and state site regulations – as a full-service, turnkey gas station contractor, we understand the entire process of working with local and state government agencies in permitting, installation and inspections.  Communication and relationship building are keys to a successful project with these important officials. 


The heart of every retail gas station and convenience store is the safe storage of fuel inside the underground fuel tanks.  Power Petrol professionally installs retail gas station fuel tanks.


  1. Initial Site Survey
  2. New Underground Tank Installation
  3. New Piping Installation
  4. New Tank Monitoring Equipment Installations
  5. Remove and Replace Existing Tanks
  6. Spill Bucket Installations
  7. Stand Generator Installations
  8. Ethanol (E10) Conversion
  9. Dispenser Installation
  10. Project Permitting
  11. Material Procurement



Our team of estimating and engineering experts has developed a method to obtain one of the most accurate conceptual estimates in the industry. Whether or not you are looking for a budget estimate for financing purposes or are ready to proceed with project estimating, our Melbourne construction company can provide you with cost effective solutions.