Tokheim Quantium Fuel Dispensers: The heart of your forecourt

Representing the best that Tokheim has to offer, the Quantium family of fuel dispensers is the epitome of quality. Engineered to dispense fuel with outstanding precision and reliability, these high-performance models have been designed to stand the test of time. 

Four industry-leading models developed to meet the fueling demands of the future, Quantium fuel dispensers offer unrivaled durability and security. Built with field-proven, high-quality components, they’re robust, adaptable and truly dependable. 

Engineering Excellence

At the heart of the Tokheim Quantium fuel dispenser range is a set of high-quality components that provide long-lasting performance. Combining Tokheim history, engineering, innovation and quality, Quantium dispensers are the perfect example of engineering excellence and a sound investment for many years to come.

Smart & Bespoke Design

Built with field-proven, quality components, each model in the Quantium dispenser range delivers lower Cost of Ownership (TCO), greater future-proofing and improved maintainability. With customizable livery available as an option, you can be sure that your chosen Quantium dispenser reflects your company branding to the best effect.

Safety & Security

The highly secure internal dispenser electronics and mechanics of the Quantium range act as a deterrent against product tampering and meter manipulation. In addition, there are optional security features available to further reduce the risk of fuel theft, giving forecourt owners added peace of mind.


Tokheim Quantium Fuel Dispensers