2 x Product  ( Submersible type) 

4 x Inlet filter GLQ-1 with inlet

4 x Tatsuno type Flow meter, FM4 (4F) with pulser stand

4 x OPW type nozzle 11A, 3/4″ NPT, outlet: 4 x 1/2″

4 x Rubber hose, black color, length:4 M with coupling

4 x Solenoid valve MSF 20 

4 x Breakaway valve, 3/4 inch

4 x Hose swivel 2 x  E-stop at the side

2 x Electronic controller LT-L122,with RS485 protocol tatsuno type(Tatsuno)

4 x Preset keyboard , white color

4 x Display board  seperated type

Best painting  warranty to 5 years  

Technical Specification

Flow range(5~55) L/min  
Inlet Vacuum≥54kPa  
Outlet Vacuum≥0.3MPa

» Electronic Calibration. » Voice and printer (option). » Fueling times limit function. » Function of locking pump.

»  Stop fueling integer sale.
»  Can set the decimal point for the display, so can be used in many country with different currency rate. 
  Leaves the communication ports, so it can communicate with the gas station management system. 
»  Can communicate with the IC card reader.